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About Me

Now taking clients for EMDR and Brainspotting: effective treatments for distress related to single incident and chronic traumas of invalidation/shame/bullying/violence


My name is Gord. I am a 63 year old man who has always had trouble fitting in. I am now happily married and passionate about my career as a mental health counselor. 

I have had my share of challenges including anxiety, withdrawal, and not knowing how to f it in. Drumming has always been a powerful way for me to feel better. Recent research provides an explanation for this. Engaging in creative activities that involve the body, especially with other people, lights up areas in the brain that may be shut down because of trauma and other conditions that cut us off from our ability to connect . Yoga, drama,  play, and pursuing activities we love with others have been called the best class anti-depressants.  Medication often has a role to play, but the quality of our own self-care efforts can make the biggest difference in the long run.

I feel my own experience with stigma and anxiety make me a better, more compassionate counsellor  for people on or off the spectrum and anyone questioning why they don't fit in, have trouble with emotional regulation, or whose experiences of chronic invalidation or abuse prevent them from having the kind of life and relationships they want.


Sometimes the distress goes very deep. Traumas of various kinds can plant traces of raw pain in our bodies that just won't go away. This may involve emotional escalation, rage, or extreme withdrawal and is as true for an assault or a car accident as it is for experiences of chronic shame.  EMDR, which has also been called memory reprocessing therapy, provides a simple technology for addressing these unpredictable trigger points in our body. Raw undigested memories are targeted and the brain is allowed to integrate them with our adult creative selves so we can start to move forward again.

EMDR is a powerful tool I am proud to have in my therapist's toolbox. I find it often provides a "missing link" of treatment that can give a big boost on our path of recovery.

"After hearing Gord speak I knew instantly that this could be the person to help put all my demons to rest. For once in a really long time I felt a glimmer of hope. Gord was my life line I could never thank him enough for giving me my life back."

If you would like to arrange a counselling session, my office is at 11 Catherine Avenue not far off the 404 north of Toronto. To contact me even if you just want to ask a question, feel free to e-mail

Call or text: 289-926-7722

counselling website:




Counselling room


Confidentiality is always respected in accordance PHIPPA privacy legislation as well as professional ethics





                                                            Services are covered

                                       by most insurance plans.

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