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anxiety, depression, disconnection, and emotional dysregulation

Diversity, Invalidation, Stigma, and Trauma



We all have times when we feel outside the flow of life. We may be particularly afraid of being judged.  We may experience anxiety, fear, and excessive worry

easily triggered defensiveness


low motivation

lack of enjoyment

excessive anger

We may  feel like we  don't fit in and have to "fake it"

May be really hard on ourselves

Desperate to get away from our pain

Have bad thoughts or feel like hurting ourselves

Sometimes "bad days" turn into a cycle that's hard to break out of. 



When we get us stuck in a place inside ourselves we don't want to be

When relationships become challenging because our mind is working against connection

We Become Stuck


and coming back to our comfortable selves

involves a combination of practicing acceptance and working towards change

Some people's nervous systems are dysregulated

by some form of trauma or oppressive conditions

Some are born different and hard-wired with ways of being in the world

that make them unlike conventional others

which subjects them to stigma and judgement

Thanks to Joan Berezowski for the beautiful photography of Northwestern Ontario

Adopt an attitude of Recovery!

A recovery attitude happens when we focus on a person's humanity

Not judging about what what makes them different

or measuring them by what we think they should be

A healing attitude is curious

about the experience of people

especially those we don't understand

Makes room for diversity

We listen rather than make assumptions

Learn rather than categorize, dismiss, or push away


A relational attitude of healing recovery puts people ahead of defending our opinions about what we think is good for them

Or violating them with uninformed judgements

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